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Bob Billings
GS-15, DAF (Ret)

Bob Billings

Summary Qualifications

Over 40 years of engineering background in the research, development, and acquisition of aeronautical systems. Held critical engineering positions in the crew systems area at Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) and developed the Crew Systems area of the original MIL-HDBK-516. Throughout career, been technically involved with the crew systems of nearly all USAF aircraft developed since the early 1970’s, including A-10, B-2, X-29, B-1B, E-8C, T-6, T-46, F-5, F-16, and F-22 aircraft. Made significant contributions to numerous ejection seat improvements, which have saved over 600 pilot’s lives in 25 countries throughout the world. Consulted with numerous companies on ejection seats, fixed aircrew seats, aircrew helmets, oxygen masks, helmet mounted displays, inertia reels, parachute releases, and mobile restraints.

Key Specialties

  • Crew Escape Engineering

  • Ejection Seats

  • Crew Systems and Passenger Safety

  • Airworthiness Certificaion

  • Life Support

Key Positions

  • Vice President, AirCrew Escape Services

  • Crew Systems Technical Advisor, Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC/ENFC)

  • Chief Support Systems Engineer, B-1B System Program Office

  • Chief, Support Systems Engineer, Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) (now F-22)

  • Crew Systems Engineer, F-16 System Program Office

  • Chief Engineer, Life Support Systems Program Office (now Human Systems Division)

  • Crew Escape Engineer/Lead Engineer, ACES II Ejection Seat Program


  • BS, Engineering Mechanics, US Air Force Academy (USAFA)

  • MS, Industrial Management, Central Michigan University