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Timothy Boyan, CPA
GS-15, DAF (Ret)

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Timothy Boyan, CPA

Summary Qualifications

Over 30 years experience in the Air Force Audit Agency (AFAA). As the Associate Director, Acquisition, led planning and execution of USAF internal audits for all modernization programs, providing balanced coverage of PEOs’ portfolios; Research, Development, Test & Evaluation activities; and Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (SAF/AQ) special interest items. Directed professional staff through program and process analyses to: evaluate internal control systems; identify and resolve problems; and assess program results. Worked closely with Air Staff and Secretariat-level activities to develop, modify, or more effectively implement policy and procedure. Comprehensive understanding of program management effectiveness at meeting costs, schedule and technical performance objectives.

Key Specialties

  • Audit

  • Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation

  • Acquisition Planning

  • Cost/Price Analysis

  • Sustainment and Business Case Analysis (BCA)

Key Positions

  • Associate Director, Acquisition, Air Force Audit Agency (AFAA)

  • Program Manager, Acquisition and Contracts, AFAA

  • Deputy Region Chief, Acquisition & Logistics Audit Region, AFAA

  • Special Access Program Audit Manager, AFAA


  • BS, Accounting, University of Sacramento