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Color Review Teams

Color Review Teams

Success Story

We successfully facilitated the Pink and Red Team Reviews for a highly competitive and lucrative competition for a USAF wheels and brakes contract. Key to this process was the deep understanding of how the government conducts source selections, how the customer thinks, what the customer holds important, and how a contractor must navigate the “minefields” to win. The contractor was awarded the contract.

Dayton Aerospace-led review teams employ the government process, with experienced reviewers and decision makers…to ensure compliance, enhance your discriminators, and clarify the winning integrated picture!

Dayton Aerospace consultants are former senior-level government acquisition executives who have led and participated in numerous source selections and industry proposals. They are experts in program management, engineering, contracting, financial management, production, and support. Many have operational experience. We believe balanced review team membership is the best approach – a combination of internal experts and external consultants.

We can participate or lead any type of proposal review team exercise, including:

Black Hat [Competitive Assessment]
Anticipates competitor win strategies by assessing how they would beat you and the deal they will likely offer. Develops your program strengths by helping you, 1) capitalize on your strengths and their weaknesses, and 2) neutralize your weaknesses and their strengths.

Green Team [Story Board Review]
Ensures strategies and themes are properly integrated throughout proposal sections. Facilitates structuring both the word story and picture (graphics) story. What are the critical messages you must convey?

Pink Team [Draft Proposal Review]
Assesses whether the draft proposal is compliant with the RFP and is properly balanced, ensuring processes and past performance assertions. Reviews the integrated management framework and risk management approach. This review should be a small group of highly experienced reviewers – a mix of client and outside reviewers. The purpose is to document problems and make improvement recommendations.

Red Team [Final Proposal Review]
“Scores” the proposal, just as the source selection team will do their evaluation. We strongly recommend the same people be used on the Pink and Red Teams. The purpose is to review the second draft and document problems, issues, and recommendations for improvement.

Gold Team [Last Chance Review]
Includes a pricing review and/or top-level “white glove” proposal review. The pricing review is a review of the Cost Volume. This review is top level, made by a core team, to make sure everything is present, Red Team comments have been appropriately considered, and there are no major discrepancies.

EN Review [Final Proposal Revision Review]
This review ensures remaining source selection team questions have been adequately resolved and responses are clearly articulated. We understand the various techniques needed to effectively answer ENs.