Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Airworthiness Bulletins (AWBs) Updates

Airworthiness Bulletins AWBs Updates

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) continually updates airworthiness bulletins (AWBs) to reflect organizational and process changes. As these changes occur, the US Air Force (USAF) 10-day Chief Engineer (CE)/Director of Engineering (DOE) MIL-HDBK-516B Expanded Airworthiness Course, developed and exclusively instructed by Dayton Aerospace experts, is reviewed to ensure the most current airworthiness certification procedures and activities are covered in the material and associated discussion.

Dayton Aerospace also provides airworthiness certification training and support to industry clients and foreign government teams. For more information on Dayton Aerospace’s airworthiness expertise, please contact Wayne Johnson. For copies of the latest AWBs and other official airworthiness policy and guidance, visit our airworthiness library.