The government requires contracting officers to use a “structured approach” for determining the profit or fee objective in most noncompetitive acquisitions requiring cost analysis, but the FAR offers few specifics on how to do this. In this webinar, Dayton Aerospace's Tom Wells discusses the FAR’s requirements, as well as agencies’ ... Read More
Mr. Tom Wells, SES, DAF (Ret), has been selected as a speaker for the National Contract Management Association’s (NCMA) 2018 World Congress. Mr. Wells will discuss commonly used industry proposal management processes and related lessons learned in a workshop scheduled for Monday, July 23, 2018, at 10:30 am. Mr. Wells ... Read More
Dayton Aerospace recently presented Airworthiness Risk and MIL-HDBK-516C at the 2018 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment (AA&S) Conference held April 23-26 in Washington, DC. Authored by airworthiness experts, Colonel Wayne Johnson, US Air Force (USAF) (Ret), and Ms. Dawn McGarvey-Buchwalder, former USAF Airworthiness Office branch chief, the presentation discussed lessons learned ... Read More
Dayton Aerospace’s public-enrollment USAF Airworthiness and FMS/ITAR Courses are offered through the Sinclair UAS Training and Certification Center. Each 2-day course is instructed by experienced Dayton Aerospace subject matter experts. Visit each link for detailed information and to register online ... Read More
Sinclair Workforce Development has partnered with Dayton Aerospace on a new airworthiness certification training course to be delivered in January. The two-day course, developed and delivered by Dayton Aerospace, is designed to provide students with a familiarity and understanding of the requirements and integration of activities that are essential to ... Read More