Determining a fair and reasonable price can be quite challenging. While there are rules governing the ultimate outcomes of the process, how you get there is more of an artform. In the November 2020 issue of NCMA's Contract Management magazine ... Read More
From the program manager to the program executive officer (PEO) to the Air Force depot complex commander, all stakeholders share a common imperative: Provide maximum warfighting capacity, capability, and readiness. In meeting that imperative, a primary analytic question is to determine whether sufficient depot capacity exists throughout the fleet’s lifecycle ... Read More
If effective fleet management is a complex exercise in managing competing priorities, then it is also an exercise in analytics—the scientific process of transforming data into insights for the purpose of making better decisions. A program manager’s challenge is finding the analytic “sweet spot” within analysis data requirements, complexity, flexibility, ... Read More
A consistent and deliberative decision-making process is as important as the outcome itself and is worthy of reflection. This is particularly true in today’s environment, where the quantity of information to consider and the pace and complexity of decisions are increasingly at odds ... Read More
Effectively managing a fleet is an exercise in managing competing priorities. Operators demand availability to meet mission and training requirements and capability necessary to maintain technological relevancy, ensure survivability, and achieve mission effectiveness. Juxtaposed with availability and capability demands is the demand for ... Read More