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Dayton Performing Arts Alliance and Dayton Aerospace present the 2019-2020 Military Appreciation Program

Dayton Aerospace is honored to be the presenting sponsor of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance (DPAA) 2019-2020 Military Appreciation Program and a charter sponsor of the new Military Family Scholarship Fund. The Military Appreciation Program provides two sets of two complimentary tickets to active-duty military members, retired veterans and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) government civilian...

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Toward an Effective Fleet Management Strategy: Analysis Modeling to Evaluate Alternatives

If effective fleet management is a complex exercise in managing competing priorities, then it is also an exercise in analytics—the scientific process of transforming data into insights for the purpose of making better decisions. A program manager’s challenge is finding the analytic “sweet spot” within analysis data requirements, complexity, flexibility, and speed. Finding that ideal position...

Quantifying a Product Support Strategy’s Impact on Aircraft Availability

Can a recently growing defense budget or maintenance and supply chain initiatives such as CBM+ reverse the trend of lower mission capable rates ? It’s unclear— and that’s the point. Today’s product support managers (PSMs) must have decision-quality information to know the net result of strategies chosen. Until then, a fundamental, overarching question remains invariably unanswered: What is the product support strategy’s quantifiable impact on overall aircraft availability and at what marginal cost?

USAF CBM+ Update: What commercial industry, OEMs and software developers need to know

As CBM+ continues to gain traction in the USAF, it’s important for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), software developers and other industry partners to understand where the USAF is headed in terms of developing toolsets and managing data. Why? Because the USAF has made it evident that it has no appetite for proprietary commercial solutions...

Dayton Aerospace to Host NCMA Profit Analysis and Weighted Guidelines Webinar

The government requires contracting officers to use a “structured approach” for determining the profit or fee objective in most noncompetitive acquisitions requiring cost analysis, but the FAR offers few specifics on how to do this. In this webinar, Dayton Aerospace's Tom Wells discusses the FAR’s requirements, as well as agencies’ standard methodologies.

Conditioned Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+): Is your program ready?

Since 2002, the Department of Defense (DOD) has viewed Condition-Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) as a transformational maintenance methodology, capable of improving productivity, shortening maintenance cycles, lowering costs, and increasing availability and reliability through improved business processes and as-it-happens information analysis. CBM+ data analysis methods and prognostic tools allow maintainers to predict issues before they happen, enabling...