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How We Work

How We Work

Dayton Aerospace experts average over 30 years of military, government civilian or senior industry executive experience managing all aspects of complex weapon systems. Clients leverage this experience in a range of ways, from periodic expert guidance to critical day-in and day-out support. In any support arrangement, we roll up our sleeves and actually implement the solutions we help you develop. Our proven experts will do the work, side-by-side with your team, continuously combining expertise in new ways to solve your unique challenges.

One size does not fit all! Let us tailor a solution that will meet your objectives within your budget and schedule.

Our sole focus is solving problems and that means flexibility is key to our support. For all types of customers and engagements, we listen carefully to client needs and craft a customized support approach that delivers an executable solution quickly and cost effectively.

Typical Steps to Get Our Support

1. Contact Dayton Aerospace to discuss your need for assistance. If necessary, we’ll coordinate and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
2. After carefully assessing your needs and determining how we can help, we’ll develop and coordinate a general statement of work (SOW), then provide you with an initial quote for consideration. We can tailor and scale our support to your time and budget constraints.
3. Our business office will work with your designated point of contact to quickly get under contract. We have numerous contract vehicles in place with many of our industry and government customers that can accommodate new work. Business arrangements are typically on a time and material (T&M) basis with an agreed upon not-to-exceed (NTE) amount or firm fixed price (FFP), when appropriate. Engagements can range from a one-day strategy session to a year-long study or support.
4. After we finalize a contract/purchase order (or immediately if the need is urgent), we will identify a project “Quarterback.” This project lead will work with you and your leadership to define and meet expectations—continuously monitoring the project budget, adapting to changes in schedule, and, if required, bringing in additional Dayton Aerospace experts to support. Our consultants will never bill or initiate work without your coordination and agreement. This allows you to match our level of support with available funding or to redirect company resources if your needs change suddenly.

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