///Acquisition Strategy & RFP Development
Acquisition Strategy & RFP Development

Acquisition Strategy & RFP Development

Dayton Aerospace experts have led and participated in numerous government source selections and preparation of industry proposals. Our unique combination of senior-level government acquisition experience and extensive industry experience makes us highly qualified to help develop effective acquisition strategies and requests for proposals (RFPs).

Our support leads to better acquisition strategies, RFPs and proposals—successfully fulfilling warfighter needs.

The key to a successful acquisition is focusing and integrating the efforts of the government team and using a disciplined and structured development process which:

  • Focuses on the user requirements
  • Leverages early exchanges with industry
  • Identifies meaningful source selection discriminators
  • Ensures all RFP sections are integrated and tightly correlated
  • Accommodates the industry proposal process

We offer a full-spectrum of solicitation support, working shoulder-to-shoulder with your government team to build better RFPs. Our experts help answers complex questions like:

  • How can I incentivize industry to innovate, but still control costs?

  • What is the right level of post-award performance oversight?

  • Should contractors be required to submit an integrated plan and schedule (IMP/IMS)?

  • What are the most effective performance-based requirements?

  • What should be evaluated during source selection?

  • Are proposal evaluation standards clear and meaningful?

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