Cost/Capability Trades

Cost/Capability Trades

Dayton Aerospace has developed a cost/capability trade-off analysis process that facilitates communication, aids decision making, and documents decisions. We provide multi-objective decision analysis (MODA) using cost and military utility for a representative broad range of alternatives that results in a trade space between cost and warfighting capabilities. We understand the intent of AFI 10-601, Operational Capability Requirements Development, and how evaluating the effects of requirements on cost and cycle time can inform affordability decisions for a program.

Our seasoned experts support delivery of cost-effective solutions through deliberate trade-off analysis between operational capability and affordability.

Our models provide an excellent approach to defining requirement value, normalizing alternative performance, and engaging in cost trade-off discussions. We address the full spectrum of cost capability trade analysis by identifying cost and operational effectiveness drivers and the relative value in terms of warfighting capability (i.e., mission tasks, measures of effectiveness), and integrating cost and military utility to illuminate the trade space.

We help teams address:

  • What is the best objective basis for evaluating trade-offs for my particular requirement?

  • What methodology should be used to translate results into weighted utility?

  • What if more than one requirement drives the solution?

  • How do you choose between multiple alternatives that offer differing capabilities at different costs?

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