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Sole Source Justification

Sole Source Justification

Our experts have hands-on experience serving as acquisition strategy approval authorities and as senior staff reviewing and recommending approval or disapproval of sole source justification and approval (J&A) documents. Our senior program managers and contracting professionals wrote and reviewed countless numbers of these determinations during their government careers. Dayton Aerospace’s in-depth understanding of government and industry demands and market capabilities provide a unique perspective from which to analyze the facts surrounding a requirement and assess the likelihood of successfully justifying a non-competitive strategy.

Law and regulation establish “full and open” competition as the preferred buying method—but it's not always the best strategy.

We provide advice to industry and government clients as to whether the circumstances of their requirement meet Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements and approval authority expectations for the planned course of action. We also help craft the associated implementation strategy and justification documentation, helping to answer questions, such as:

  • What constitutes thorough market research?

  • Is existing technical data suitable to support competition?

  • How will the price be determined fair and reasonable?

  • What actions may help remove barriers to competition?

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