Color Review Teams

Color Review Teams

Dayton Aerospace-led color review teams employ the government process, with experienced reviewers and decision makers. Our consultants are former senior-level government acquisition executives who have led and participated in numerous source selections and industry proposals. They are experts in program management, engineering, contracting, financial management, production, and support—and many have operational experience.

Our experienced reviewers ensure compliance, enhance discriminators, and clarify the winning integrated picture.

We believe balanced review team membership is the best approach—a combination of internal client experts and external consultants. Together, our review teams tackle critical questions from program and proposal strategy to pricing on all types of reviews, including Black Hats, Pink Teams, Red Teams, Green Teams, Gold Teams and White Glove Reviews.

  • Is the proposal unambiguously responsive to all of the RFP requirements?

  • Is the proposal focused on the evaluation factors and award criteria in RFP Sections L & M?

  • Does the proposal adequately address risk, and are solid mitigation plans seamlessly integrated into the proposed solution?

  • Does my proposal clearly and convincingly make the case for why our offering is superior?

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