Proposal Management & Support

Defense Proposal Management & Support

Dayton Aerospace can lead—or follow your lead—on defense proposals. Our proposal management and support approach centers on a disciplined, collaborative process tailored to produce well-written, well-supported volumes. Our proposal managers, volume leads and writers have been on government source selection teams and understand the unique workings of the source selection process. Using this expertise, we help you craft winning strategies and develop proposal documents that set your team apart from the competition.

Our proposal managers are also subject matter experts…leading your proposal team through strategy, development, and delivery of a competitive, compliant proposal.

Our proposal managers apply our proven proposal processes and milestones—but can flex to manage within your established business development procedures. As subject matter experts, we take input and data provided by your technical experts, coupled with our own domain knowledge and extensive proposal experience, to produce readable, directed text with solid, identifiable themes and clear, strong discriminators.

We know the answers to critical proposal development questions, such as:

  • What messages will resonate with government reviewers on this solicitation?

  • Should we be “ghosting” other offerors in our proposal as a competitive advantage?

  • What is the best proposal airworthiness strategy?

  • How can an executable, compliant solution be presented without simply parroting back the RFP requirements?

  • How do I ensure less-than-perfect past performance doesn’t make my proposal non-competitive?

  • How much detail is expected in a proposal integrated master plan and schedule (IMP/IMS)?

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