Regional Economic Development

Regional Economic Development

Dayton Aerospace experts have a deep understanding of US Air Force (USAF) military programs, missions and execution levels of each command, as well as all necessary resource requirements. Having supported the base realignment and closure (BRAC) process from both the government and community perspectives, our SWOT and stakeholder engagement processes are sufficiently structured, yet flexible. We can independently evaluate the full range of regional sectors, including laboratories, acquisition, logistics, finance, education, medicine, manufacturing, etc., determining a community’s baseline capabilities and the broader landscape.

In challenging environments, such as those created by DOD’s BRAC process, our creative insight can minimize losses and maximize economic gains to a region.

Our executable recommendations and action plans are proven to attract defense-related business to various regions. We can help your organization work through economic development challenges.

  • How should a community organize a BRAC action team and what are the roles and responsibilities?

  • At what levels should stakeholders be engaged and what is the most effective message?

  • Are there creative solutions which should be considered, such as alliances with other communities?

  • How does the government use COBRA (Cost of Base Realignment Actions) and how can my community leverage the tool to build a solid strategy?

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