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Defense Contracting & Procurement Law

Defense Contracting & Procurement Law

Our consultants truly understand the government contracting process from end-to-end. Our expertise comes from having served as warranted contracting officers and acquisition, contracting and legal policy makers on major weapon system programs, for science and technology requirements, and at the operational base level. We’ve led government acquisition organizations and industry capture teams to develop the right business strategies, select the most appropriate contracting vehicles, create proper contractual incentives, and ensure that all elements are integrated to achieve the acquisition’s purpose.

How well do we know the FAR? Our experts helped write it. Clients leverage this experience to craft innovative solutions within the law.

Clients frequently rely on our decades of experience working in the highest policy offices within the Pentagon and Major Commands, as well as our ongoing involvement in creating, developing, and refining contracting, acquisition, and legal policies and procedures, to tackle tough contracting challenges and develop workable solutions.

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