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Defense Contracting & Procurement Law

Defense Contracting & Procurement Law

Our consultants truly understand the government contracting process from end-to-end. Our expertise comes from having served as warranted contracting officers and acquisition, contracting and legal policy makers on major weapon system programs, for science and technology requirements, and at the operational base level. We’ve led government acquisition organizations and industry capture teams to develop the right business strategies, select the most appropriate contracting vehicles, create proper contractual incentives, and ensure that all elements are integrated to achieve the acquisition’s purpose.

How well do we know the FAR? Our experts helped write it. Clients leverage this experience to craft innovative solutions within the law.

Clients frequently rely on our decades of experience working in the highest policy offices within the Pentagon and Major Commands, as well as our ongoing involvement in creating, developing, and refining contracting, acquisition, and legal policies and procedures, to tackle tough contracting challenges and develop workable solutions.

Related Capabilities

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We have hands-on experience writing and interpreting contracts at all levels within government, including senior policy levels.

Dayton Aerospace contracting professionals have assisted dozens of small and large companies successfully do business with the federal government—from science and technology contracts, other transaction authority (OTA) and grants, to the most complex major weapon system contracts. In senior government positions, our experts drafted key policies on a range of contracting topics, such as acquisition strategy, source selection, commercial item acquisition, small business participation, pricing techniques, dispute resolution, and past performance; thus, we fully understand and can explain federal contracting terms and conditions. We can help your company address business system compliance matters, build winning proposals, and successfully sell commercial and non-commercial goods and services to all agencies of government. In addition, we can analyze your corporate business systems and help you understand what is necessary to upgrade your systems to do business with the government as a prime and subcontractor.

In the complex world of international military business, our deep International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) knowledge and extensive FMS and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) experience can mean the difference between program success and failure.

Entering into the international military business arena created by foreign military and direct commercial sales (FMS/DCS) of defense articles and services can be a daunting and confusing experience—especially given the political uncertainty and strict government guidelines for US agencies and industries seeking to do business with a foreign country. We understand the complex international military business arena and have extensive experience developing and executing FMS and international cooperative program efforts. With years of hands-on, multi-functional experience in both FMS case development and management, as well as international cooperative agreement formulation and negotiation, Dayton Aerospace personnel can guide your organization through each step of these multi-faceted processes. Our experts can help with a range of tasks, such as navigating the complex Letter of Request (LOR), Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA), and Foreign Military Funding (FMF) processes and procedures, and understanding the impacts of ITAR and offsets/country industrial participation. We offer solutions to important and common FMS and ITAR related questions.

We develop contract provisions that protect the rights and interests of both parties while optimizing the opportunity for successful contract performance.

During government service and since, our experts have developed provisions and clauses which enable effective and efficient performance across a very wide spectrum of acquisitions including research projects, commercial development, fee-for-service contracts, public-private depot partnerships, performance incentive arrangements, performance-based payment schedules, and planning for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). We help both government and industry customers assess the current or expected contract performance business environment and determine if it can be facilitated or enhanced by the inclusion of specifically tailored contract provisions.

Our experts provide litigation teams with invaluable, insightful expertise that can only come from hands-on experience.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are nationally and internationally recognized in government contracting, financial management, logistics and product support, financial management, and defense program management. Government organizations, industry clients, and attorneys leverage our knowledge and expertise to conduct claim and protest analysis, perform expert witness analysis and develop reports, and testify at depositions and trials. We have served in a wide range of cases including issues associated with: product testing and liability, product modification, subcontracting requirements, construction contracts, and proper execution of acquisition tools, such as the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS), acquisition of nationally stock numbered items, and incentive contracts. We have also supported both sides of Qui Tam cases (based strictly upon the merit and facts of each case).

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