///Defense Contracting & FAR Analysis
Defense Contracting & FAR Analysis

Defense Contracting & FAR Analysis

Dayton Aerospace contracting professionals have assisted dozens of small and large companies successfully do business with the federal government—from science and technology contracts, other transaction authority (OTA) and grants, to the most complex major weapon system contracts.  In senior government positions, our experts drafted key policies on a range of contracting topics, such as acquisition strategy, source selection, commercial item acquisition, small business participation, pricing techniques, dispute resolution, and past performance; thus, we fully understand and can explain federal contracting terms and conditions.

We have hands-on experience writing and interpreting contracts at all levels within government, including senior policy levels.

We can help your company address business system compliance matters, build winning proposals, and successfully sell commercial and non-commercial goods and services to all agencies of government. In addition, we can analyze your corporate business systems and help you understand what is necessary to upgrade your systems to do business with the government as a prime and subcontractor.

When faced with challenging unknowns like these, we can help:

  • Did the government correctly interpret contract responsibilities?

  • What creative acquisition strategies will expedite contract award and facilitate successful performance with a minimum of “red tape”?

  • Did a company comply/fail to comply with their contract responsibilities?

  • What acquisition/contract strategies will motivate optimal performance at affordable cost?

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