///Expert Witness & Bid Protest Analysis
Expert Witness & Bid Protest Analysis

Expert Witness & Bid Protest Analysis

Congress and the public expect the Department of Defense (DOD) acquisition system to be fair and executed in full compliance with laws, regulations, and policy. In situations where fairness and compliance are questioned, it may be necessary to pursue one of a wide range of available remedies, including submitting claims, lodging protests, or even pursuing alternate dispute resolution (ADR), or litigation.

In these cases, it is critical to have access to professionals with academic knowledge, detailed acquisition expertise, and hands-on experience in applying and interpreting laws, regulations, and policy to complicated situations.

Our experts provide litigation teams with invaluable, insightful expertise that can only come from hands-on experience.

Our subject matter experts are nationally and internationally recognized in government contracting, financial management, logistics and product support, financial management, and defense program management. Government organizations, industry clients, and attorneys leverage our knowledge and expertise to conduct claim and protest analysis, perform expert witness analysis and develop reports, and testify at depositions and trials. We have served in a wide range of cases including issues associated with: product testing and liability, product modification, subcontracting requirements, construction contracts, and proper execution of acquisition tools, such as the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS), acquisition of nationally stock numbered items, and incentive contracts. We have also supported both sides of Qui Tam cases (Based strictly upon the merit and facts of each case).

The depth of our expertise has provided clients critical answers to complex questions, such as:

  • What government laws, regulations, and policy apply and what interpretation flexibilities exist?

  • Did the prime contractor/subcontractor comply with applicable government regulations and policy?

  • What standard practices does a contractor/subcontractor typically follow to demonstrate compliance?

  • Was the source selection accomplished consistent with the selection criteria described in the RFP?

  • Did the RFP provide an unfair competitive advantage to one of the offerors?

  • What responsibility does the prime have for overseeing subcontractor performance and reporting?

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