Special Contract Provisions

Special Contract Provisions

During government service and since, our experts have developed provisions and clauses which enable effective and efficient performance across a very wide spectrum of acquisitions including research projects, commercial development, fee-for-service contracts, public-private depot partnerships, performance incentive arrangements, performance-based payment schedules, and planning for alternate dispute resolution (ADR).

We develop contract provisions that protect the rights and interests of both parties
while optimizing the opportunity for successful contract performance.

We help both government and industry customers assess the current or expected contract performance business environment and determine if it can be facilitated or enhanced by the inclusion of specifically tailored contract provisions—answering important questions in the process.

  • How can performance incentives be designed that really work?

  • How can contract disputes be resolved with little disruption?

  • How do I protect my intellectual property?

  • Can anticipated contingencies be accommodated by a clause?

  • What is the right balance between risk and reward?

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