///Defense Program Affordability & Cost Reduction
Defense Program Affordability & Cost Reduction

Affordability & Cost Reduction

Increasingly, the most important consideration at defense program milestone reviews is related to cost and affordability. A program will not survive in today’s environment if it’s not affordable. Not only are early milestones scrutinized for rapidly increasing development costs, but favorable production decisions may be contingent on cost reduction initiatives. These days, even long-term sustainment costs are questioned. Large multi-year production contracts present additional challenges as cost savings must be formally documented in exhibits for Congress.

Our affordability and cost reduction strategies have saved programs in the past and can help ensure future success for your program!

Dayton Aerospace has a long and successful track record of conducting studies, reviews, and analyses resulting in strategies, processes, and initiatives to reduce the cost of programs in all phases of the life cycle for both government and industry clients. We’ve helped multiple major programs, including C-17, F-22, and V-22, attack their cost issues. Whether your team is preparing for a milestone review, getting control of spiraling costs, developing long-term strategies, or submitting a winning proposal, we have the right experts to help with a variety of tasks and answer important affordability questions.

  • What is a Nunn-McCurdy breach and how does the contractor and program office address the problems?

  • How do you execute a major cost reduction effort within an active program without causing further disruption?

  • How do I develop a joint government-contractor estimating model?

  • How do you organize, plan and execute a major review on a multi-billion dollar program that has significantly exceeded its budget?

  • How can we implement a time-phased cost reduction plan?

  • What long-term processes will address continued affordability?

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