Cost Estimating

Cost Estimating

Cost estimates may be required for a variety of purposes including capital budgeting, projecting program changes or market factors impacts, preparing cost proposals, understanding life cycle costs and conducting cost-benefit and trade-off analyses. Building estimates that are comprehensive, well-documented, accurate and credible requires careful planning and a disciplined process which is tailored to the estimate’s intended use.

Our cost experts have worked all levels of cost estimation from bottoms-up program estimators to lead evaluators at the OSD CAIG.

Our experts have worked as cost estimators at all levels of the US Air Force (USAF) and the Department of Defense (DOD).  We have developed all types of estimates, worked with all major cost data bases and are experienced with all key cost estimating tools and resources. Using your data, we can develop estimates that meet government and industry requirements.

Our experts can guide your team through all of the decisions required to produce quality estimates, such as:

  • What sources of data can be used to build credible cost estimates?

  • What assumptions are reasonable for a specific cost estimate?

  • Is sensitivity analysis needed and how is it conducted?

  • What level of detail and content is appropriate for supportable basis of estimates (BOEs)?

  • Is use of cost estimating relationships (CERs) reasonable and appropriate?

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