///Earned Value Management (EVM)
Earned Value Management (EVM)

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Dayton Aerospace brings a distinct perspective on earned value—a combination of program managers, earned value experts, and engineers who believe performance management is a foundational element in successful program execution. We firmly believe that earned value is the purview of program management and it is a tool best used in combination with program schedules, cost estimates and plans. Our understanding of both the government and industry points of view regarding EVM application is a key discriminator of our support.

Dayton Aerospace experts are uniquely qualified to provide your team a strong and balanced perspective for earned value management planning and execution.

Our multi-functional experts can ensure you meet government earned value guidelines and achieve program performance goals and objectives. We frequently assist government and industry teams in establishing, refining, and implementing a new EVM system to include developing the system description document; preparing teams for EVM system audits to include integrated baseline reviews (IBRs); increasing team efficiency through the use of EVM performance management tools; and providing onsite facilitation between government and industry clients to create an effective EVM
environment in order to solve difficult program challenges.

We tailor and scale our support to help customers answers questions such as:

  • How can I clearly communicate EVM activities and improve project visibility and accountability?

  • What technical objectives for planning, performance measurement, and managing the baseline are clear and measurable?

  • What cost and schedule analysis techniques best fit my project?

  • How do we prepare for an integrated baseline review (IBR)?

  • How do you develop a realistic estimate at completion (EAC) and effectively communicate it to decision makers?

  • What flexibility to we have to tailor EVM for our program?

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