Cost & Price Analysis

Cost & Price Analysis

Our experts have deep, practical skills in performing cost and price analysis for the government and prime contractors. We’ve supported government agencies in evaluating complex cost proposals based on certified cost and pricing data. We’ve also helped prime contractors develop and support their cost proposals submitted to the government and prepared cost/price analysis reports to document reasonableness of their subcontractors’ proposals.

Our experts apply the right balance of detailed quantitative analysis and sound judgement required to perform effective cost and price analysis.

Dayton Aerospace supports or provides a wide range of analytical methods including:

  • Cost modeling
  • Contract pricing statistics
  • Regression analysis
  • Competitive pricing reasonableness
  • Cost realism
  • Cost estimating relationships
  • Improvement curves
  • Cost risk
  • Equitable adjustment pricing

We not only do the analytical work, but also apply sound judgement supported by experience and economic factors, answering questions such as:

  • What sources of information can/should be used for pricing?

  • What level of pricing support does the government expect?

  • What is the most probable cost?

  • What is the best analytical method to support proposed prices?

  • Is certified cost or pricing data required?

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