///Life Cycle Management Strategy
Life Cycle Management Strategy

Life Cycle Management Strategy

Continually assessing product support provides the valuable insight necessary to adapt for the next stage of a product’s life cycle. Understanding how to adjust these strategies is what our experts do. From independent assessments to life cycle reviews, we use a variety of tools to counter life cycle challenges.

Dayton Aerospace experts craft life cycle management strategies that prepare programs for future product support challenges.

Knowing how to implement and structure product support for the future becomes the delivered solution. We’ve prepared various Department of Defense (DOD) programs, including C-17, C-5, F-15, F-35 and AWACS, for life cycle challenges not yet encountered. If your team is asking these questions, we can help.

  • What analytical tools are available to make smart and informed life cycle decisions?

  • What approaches should be used to determine the best solution to aging system problems?

  • How can life cycle costs be stabilized or reduced throughout the life cycle?

  • How can we use a product’s utilization rates, technology state and cost data to indicate it’s time to look for a better support strategy?

  • What’s the best sustainment approach to maintain or improve system performance over its life cycle?

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