///Logistics & Sustainment Planning
Logistics & Sustainment Planning

Logistics & Sustainment Planning

OSD and Service policy for logistics and sustainment planning is complex. A wide variety of legislated and policy guidance drive how to develop and maintain a program’s product support strategy and the plans necessary to implement that strategy. Dayton Aerospace has the experts to orchestrate and guide the development of any logistics or sustainment plan for any stage of a program’s life cycle.

Our experts helped develop OSD logistics and sustainment policy—and we know how to implement it!

Effective system sustainment is built upon a complex hierarchy of plans from various levels within the program. These plans are typically created by a prime contractor, but the requirements come from the government program office and help assure integration across the enterprise. Our experts know how these plans fit together and support policy. We can help your team address critical questions during the logistics planning.

  • What goes into a Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP)?

  • What value should a program expect from an Independent Logistics Assessment (ILA)?

  • When does a program transition from logistics estimates to actuals for planning?

  • What is needed to establish a Product Support Package?

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