///Government Compliant Business Systems
Government Compliant Business Systems

Government Compliant Business Systems

Because of our contracting experts’ broad and deep experience, Dayton Aerospace is able to de-mystify doing business with the US Government. We understand the differences between the commercial and government marketplaces and can guide clients through a comprehensive review of their internal processes to assess readiness to undertake and successfully perform government contracts. We also provide clients with easy to implement guides and templates to directly assist them in reviewing and responding to government-unique terms and conditions in solicitations. Most importantly, we ensure senior management fully understands the risks and potential pitfalls of doing government business.

It can be difficult for a commercial firm to do business with the government, but we can help!

Our support is valuable well before your first government contract, as we help companies examine Federal Government business opportunities and develop fully compliant and successful responses to government requirements. After contract award, we can help resolve business system compliance issues that may arise during contract performance.  Our support will help you explore and answer questions such as:

  • How do I get started doing business with the US Government?

  • When is an approved accounting system required?

  • What kind of contract financing does the government offer?

  • Can my company qualify for award of a cost-type contract?

  • What does a contractor purchasing system review (CPSR) entail?

  • What is the role of DCAA and DCMA?

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