///Integrated Planning/Scheduing (IMP/IMS) and Risk Management
Integrated Planning/Scheduing (IMP/IMS) and Risk Management

Integrated Planning/Scheduling (IMP/IMS) & Risk Management

Dayton Aerospace experts were there when the integrated master plan/integrated master schedule (IMP/IMS) concept was both conceived and first deployed on the F-22 program, creating a legacy of Dayton Aerospace IMP/IMS expertise. That legacy continues as authors and contributors to current Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and US Air Force (USAF) official IMP/IMS guidance. As a leader in IMP/IMS planning, development, maintenance, and processes, we help programs get over the hurdle faster—and with fewer false starts.

An IMS that incorporates earned value metrics and risk mitigation provides the visibility and leverage you need in today’s competition for limited budgets.

Our scheduling experts leverage their skills, expertise, and experience in working closely with program managers, engineers, cost/financial managers, subject matter experts (SME), and customers, when necessary, to capture all program related events, goals, resources, and critical paths. Our comprehensive risk management process facilitates an integrated approach to identify, plan, and link risk mitigation with the program IMS.

Our experts are the cornerstone of numerous successful teams’ and numerous blue-rated industry proposal development and compliant IMS solicitation deliveries followed by successful program execution. Their focus: the right activities for the most effective decisions. Let our experts work with your team to develop a baseline program schedule and answer key questions before issues develop.

  • Do we have an integrated, executable schedule?

  • Are the IMP and IMS totally interrelated and completely integrated?

  • Are significant accomplishments at the right level to associate criteria with a single milestone?

  • How do I perform a schedule risk analysis (SRA)?

  • Are risk mitigation plans reflected in the IMS and is the detail commensurate with risk severity?

  • Can progress against identified risk be accomplished using the information embedded in the IMS?

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