///Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)
Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)

Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)

The Department of Defense (DOD) adopted integrated product teams (IPTs) as the preferred approach for development, review, and oversight of the acquisition process. This organizational arrangement integrates appropriate participation levels of all functional areas and activities from product concept through production and field support. Dayton Aerospace consultants have extensive experience in actually working within and leading both government and contractor IPTs. We also have a deep understanding of an integrated management framework and the tools for making IPTs efficient.

Our experts were involved in incorporating and refining the IPT concept into DOD program management. We know the critical factors that are essential for making IPTs work for your organization.

Finding the right balance between functional and product leaders is key to an effective IPT. This balance, coupled with the right leadership, is essential in making IPTs work for your organization. Our experts will listen and tailor our approach specifically for your organization and desired outcome. We have the people who can assist, mentor, and train your industry or government team, answering questions vital to your success.

  • When should IPTs be used to manage programs/projects and how to size?

  • How should an organization accurately define the purpose, scope and goals of the IPT, and evaluate the effectiveness during operation?

  • What program/project organizational structure best suits the objectives?

  • What levels of stakeholder involvement is appropriate to have an effective IPT?

  • What skills are required for effective leaders and team members?

  • What are the steps for successful implementation (training, processes, goal setting)?

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