DOD Cyber Security

DOD Cyber Security

We understand the critical components of Department of Defense (DOD) cyber security and can assist in identifying security vulnerabilities, developing proactive defenses and comprehensive remediation strategies, and executing successful red team/blue team exercises.

Our experts leverage years of management experience with current requirements to improve system security and reduce vulnerabilities to meet today’s stringent requirements.

We specialize in system development and management of the risks posed by malicious actors to reduce the likelihood and impact of loss of critical and mission-critical program information and program functions. Our experts have solutions to key cyber security questions.

  • How can we improve our program’s cyber posture?

  • What are the key regulatory and statutory programs to improve our cyber security?

  • What program protection is required in the current phase of my program’s life cycle?

  • How do I determine the critical program information (CPI) and critical functions?

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