///Military Airworthiness Certification
Military Airworthiness Certification

Military Airworthiness Certification

Military aircraft are complex and highly capable systems. It requires years of experience to understand what it takes to deliver and sustain airworthy and safe systems. Our knowledge stems from hands-on experience covering everything from defining US Air Force (USAF) policy for airworthiness; developing MIL-HDBK-516; incorporating airworthiness and safety into systems engineering processes in a cost effective and streamlined application; leading first flight independent reviews; performing risk and hazard analysis; chairing airworthiness boards, and certifying systems as airworthy—on manned and unmanned military systems and commercial derivative aircraft (CDA). We have developed the most comprehensive MIL-HDBK-516-based airworthiness certification training in existence and trained current USAF airworthiness personnel.

We provide direct application of military airworthiness principles and processes and have extensive experience with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and international certifications.

Our experts have direct experience with certifying USAF systems and commercial derivative aircraft (CDA). We know USAF and FAA processes and have dealt extensively with the US Army and US Navy on developmental processes and airworthiness determinations of joint systems. If your team is facing tough questions like these, we can help.

  • What is essential to cover in an airworthiness plan and what does the government expect industry to propose and do?

  • What technical measures as entrance and exit criteria are required to successfully conduct program technical reviews?

  • How should the program’s integrated master plan (IMP) link with the Tailored Airworthiness Certification Criteria (TACC) or Modification Airworthiness Certification Criteria (MACC)?

  • What supporting decisions and rationale are necessary for my certification approach?

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