///Technical Executive Independent Review Teams (EIRTs)
Technical Executive Independent Review Teams (EIRTs)

Technical Executive Independent Review Teams (EIRTs)

Our seasoned technical experts have led and participated in numerous executive independent review teams—both for industry and government customers focused on a wide variety of topics ranging from detailed subsystem design and integration issues, to strategies for improving product cost and competitiveness, to major weapon system program integrated technical, schedule, cost, and risk assessments. These experts will work with your technical and management organization to develop program technical solutions and alternatives.

Customers request our experts by name to lead and support independent reviews…from technical issues at the subsystem level to major programmatic issues for very complex programs.

Our team, composed of recognized subject matter experts in all technical and systems engineering disciplines, provides critical expertise and credible leadership able to communicate effectively with your decision makers, and offer executable acquisition and sustainment program solutions, developing answers to critical questions.

  • What is the root cause of a failure?

  • Do we have an acceptable solution to the problem and does our testing provide confidence in the fix?

  • Is the technology mature enough to be properly integrated?

  • What are the risks to going forward and how can they be mitigated?

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