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Technology Assessment & Transition

Technology Assessment & Transition

Dayton Aerospace has hands-on experience assessing and transitioning important technologies to the warfighter. We supported the development of US Air Force (USAF) technology transition policy and practice and have provided a range of technology assessment and transition planning support to both industry and government customers.

Our consultants have been major players in technology assessment and transition – from policy creation, to process development, to managing transition. Our solutions are agile, innovative, efficient and effective.

Our technical experts can assess technology maturity and develop program specific technology development strategies, as well as incorporate strategies and risk management into engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) phase planning. Questions we can help you address include:

  • What is the technology readiness Level (TRL) and how was it determined?

  • What testing needs to be accomplished?

  • What are the proper metrics for success?

  • Are we ready to go into production?

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