//Mike Gregg, PhD, Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Mike Gregg, PhD, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Project Description

Mike Gregg

Key Specialties

  • Systems Acquisition and Sustainment

  • Technology Development

  • Aircraft Depot Maintenance Steering Group

  • Life Cycle Sustaining Planning

  • CBM+

  • Product Support Business Case Analysis (PS BCA)

  • Milestone Decision Documentation

  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL)


Mike Gregg, PhD

Colonel, US Air Force (Retired)

Colonel Mike Gregg, USAF (Ret), has over 30 years of experience across the acquisition and operations life cycle from basic research and development to product sustainment and retirement. He has extensive experience in directing large system programs for aircraft sustainment and logistics; aircraft modifications; and aircraft and space systems development and production and possesses broad experience with financial management, contract management, and engineering management with specialized expertise in technology development and technical research.

Significant Career Accomplishments

  • Authored C-5 fleet Life Cycle Management Plan (LCMP) and Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) and developed LCSP Core Mission Computer/Color Weather Radar and Lavatory Replacement programs annexes.
  • Led division responsible for program and financial management on largest aircraft production program in the Department of Defense (DOD).
  • Led a 175-member division providing global management, engineering, and integrated logistics support for C-5 and C-17 aircraft.
  • Directed Systems Engineering Integration and Test Division in the development, launch, and operational testing of HEO and GEO satellites.
  • Led technology demonstrator program that integrated infrared detector, laser radar and signal processor in a missile seeker for mid-course missile defense program.
  • Conducted program initiation for Core Mission Computer and Color Weather Radar ACAT III program to include initial program plan, program schedule, cost estimate, acquisition strategy panel (ASP), and LCSP.
  • Conducted program initiation for Communication Navigation Surveillance, Air Traffic Control (CNS/ATM) ACAT III program to include initial program plan, program schedule, cost estimate, ASP, and LCSP.

Key Positions

  • Division Chief, Group Commander, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC)
  • Division Chief, Squadron Commander, Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC)
  • Division/Branch Chief, Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) (now AFLCMC)
  • Associate Director, Directed Energy, Missile Defense Agency (MDA)


  • PhD, Engineering Physics, Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
  • MS, Engineering Physics, AFIT
  • MS, Military Operational Art & Science, Air Command & Staff College
  • MS, National Resource Strategy, Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF)
  • BA, Physics, Wake Forest University