//David Waite, Sr.
David Waite, Sr.

Project Description

David Waite

Key Specialties

  • Consultant Vetting and Negotiation
  • Corporate Contracts & Agreements
  • Enterprise Strategic Planning & Investment

David Waite, Sr.

Vice President & Business Manager

As the Dayton Aerospace vice president and business manager, Mr. David Waite, Sr., is responsible for overseeing all of the business processes of the firm, to include: financial management, business development, contract management, project funding, project budgets, and project management. He is also responsible for fulfilling all corporate financial and legal requirements of the company. As a director, he provides significant input into the firm’s strategic direction, including recruiting and investment.

Mr. Waite began his career at Dayton Aerospace in 1985, as a consultant to over forty different defense and aerospace companies focusing on government property management and quality assurance systems. In 1986, he took the position of the Dayton Aerospace business manager. He was named a vice president and member of the board of directors in 1998.


  • BS, Business Management, Wright State University