//Fran Duntz, SES, DAF (Ret)
Fran Duntz, SES, DAF (Ret)

Project Description

Fran Duntz

Key Specialties

  • Strategy Development/Planning

  • Acquisition Management

  • Sustainment Management

  • Capabilities Planning

  • Senior Executive Mentorship


Fran Duntz

Senior Executive Service, Department of the Air Force (Retired)

Ms. Fran Duntz has over 35 years of experience in the acquisition and sustainment of highly complex aerospace systems. She is an experienced leader, program director, strategist, and product and process developer for aircraft, missile and electronics systems programs at USAF center and major headquarters levels. Ms. Duntz possesses executive-level mentoring/development credentials and superior communication skills.

Significant Career Accomplishments

  • Established strategies for acquisition and support of command, control, communications and integration (C3I) hardware and software for the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) domains of the USAF, Department of Defense (DOD), and other federal agencies, including accelerated fielding of 90, 120, and 180-days to support emerging wartime needs.
  • Led restructure and process transformations at three USAF centers involved in research and development, materiel management, and depot operations.
  • Established the research, development, fielding, and support strategies for Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) large-scale modernization of aging mobility aircraft fleets and upgrades of communications and self-protection equipment.
  • Achieved “Outstanding” and “Excellent” ratings in USAF operational readiness inspections.

Key Positions

  • Executive Director/Deputy Program Executive Officer (PEO), Electronic Systems Center (ESC) (now part of AFLCMC)
  • Deputy Director Positions, Strategic Planning (XP), Requirements (DR) and Capabilities Integration and Intelligence (A2/5), Directorates, Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)
  • Director, Mobility Program Office, Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) (now AFLCMC/WL)
  • Director, Acquisition Support Team, ASC (now AFLCMC)
  • Deputy Director, F-15 Program Office, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WRALC)
  • Director, Specialized Management Office, WRALC


  • MBA, Wright State University
  • BA, Psychology & English, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Air Command & Staff College
  • Air War College
  • Defense Systems Management College (DSMC)
  • Executive Leadership Program, Pennsylvania State University
  • Government Executive Program, Harvard School of Business
  • Leadership at the Peak, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)