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USAF Structures Bulletins Library

The table below is a complete repository of all current, publicly releasable USAF Structures Bulletins.

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EZ-SB-22-01Joint USAF/USN Methodology to Establish the Aircraft Allowable Load Limit Related to Static Strength Capability2022 03-09
EZ-SB-20-03Requirements for Bonded Structural Repairs and Guidance for Bonded Structural Repair Design and Certification2020 05-01
EZ-SB-20-02Guidance for the Classification of Aircraft Structural Critical Parts2020 03-16
EZ-SB-19-01Durability and Damage Tolerance Certification for Additive Manufacturing of Aircraft Structural Metallic Parts2019 06-10
EZ-SB-18-01Structural Certification Plans for Changes with the Potential to Impact Aircraft Structural Integrity2018 04-20
EZ-SB-17-001-RevAARequirements to Establish the Beneficial Effects of Cold Expanded Holes in Development of Damage Tolerance Initial and Recurring Inspection Intervals2021 12-01
EZ-SB-17-001Testing and Evaluation Requirements for Utilization of an Equivalent Initial Damage Size Method to Establish the Beneficial Effects of Cold Expanded Holes for Development of the Damage Tolerance Initial Inspection Interval2017 04-24
EZ-SB-16-002Structural Overloads – Mishap Assessment and Disposition Process2016 05-13
EZ-SB-16-001Aircraft Structure Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) Planning, Development, and Implementation2016 02-03
EZ-SB-15-002Requirements for NDI Procedure Development, Validation, and
Verification for Aircraft Structural Inspections During Operations and Support Phase
2015 04-24
EZ-SB-15-0011Aircraft Structure Teardown Inspection and Evaluation Program Protocols2015 01-302020 06-30
EZ-SB-14-003Durability Test Program to Evaluate Design Changes2014 04-09
EZ-SB-13-003Revised Initial Flaw Size Assumptions for Slow Crack Growth (SCG) Metallic Structures2013 04-09
EZ-SB-13-002Correlating Durability Analysis to Unanticipated Fatigue Cracks in Metallic Structure2013 02-26
EZ-SB-13-001AMaterial, Product Form, and Process Substitution Guidelines for Metallic Components2013 01-112019 11-01
EN-SB-12-003Damage Tolerance Inspection Methodology for Slow Crack Growth Metallic Structure2012 07-19
EN-SB-12-002Methodology to Establish Bird Strike Design Criteria2012 06-27
EN-SB-12-001Requirements for Evaluation and Authorization of Digital Radiography for Inspection of Aerospace Castings2012 04-25
EN-SB-10-001Revised Design Criteria for Pressurized Structure2012 02-03
EN-SB-11-001AGuidance on Correlating Finite Element Models to Measurements from Structural Ground Tests2011 06-242020 02-04
EN-SB-10-002AAir Force Crash Load and Cargo Restraint Requirements for Fixed Wing Aircraft2010 12-302011 11-21
EN-SB-10-002-AppAAir Force Crash Load and Cargo Restraint Requirements for Fixed Wing Aircraft, Appendix A2010 12-30
EN-SB-09-001Methodology for Determination of Equivalent Flight Hours and Approaches to Communicate Usage Severity2009 06-15
EN-SB-08-012DIn-Service Inspection Crack Size Assumptions for Metallic Structures2008 10-162018 02-01
EN-SB-08-001ARevised Damage Tolerance Requirements and Determination of Fail-Safety Life Limits for Fail-Safe Metallic Structures2008 09-052011 03-18
EN-SB-08-002ARevised Damage Tolerance Requirements and Determination of Operational Life Limits for Slow Crack Growth Metallic Structures2008 09-052011 03-18
EN-SB-08-003AFail Safe Assessments of Current Aircraft2008 09-052011 03-18
EN-SB-08-008AStructural Analysis Data Requirements2008 08-122010 06-21
EN-SB-05-0021Joint USAF/USN Aircraft Strength Flight Release Methodology2005 12-212006 10-20
EN-SB-05-001Airframe PDR and CDR Exit Criteria2005 10-14
EN-SB-04-003AASIP Requirements for Commercial Derivative Aircraft2004 07-092010 08-26
EN-SB-04-002Factor of Uncertainty for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV)2004 05-20